WoodWing's Smart Styles v. 4.0 Now Fully Compatible With Adobe CS2

WoodWing Software has introduced Smart Styles version 4.0 – an updated version of one of the industry’s most versatile, efficient and useful automated styling solutions for Adobe InDesign. The new version of Smart Styles is fully compatible with Adobe’s Creative Suite 2 (CS2) InDesign and InCopy.

"Smart Styles version 4.0 works seamlessly with CS2," said Erik Schut, President of WoodWing Software. "Smart Styles has always been an amazingly efficient product, and now it’s become even more powerful."

Brian Kruger, CEO of WoodWing USA, added that users of Smart Styles will be thrilled with the enhancements that have been made. "Our customers are going to be very impressed with the productivity and speed," Kruger said.

Smart Styles is an award-winning product that has become one of the popular InDesign styling tools on the market. It delivers powerful formatting capabilities to InDesign users, allowing them to format entire tables, items or pages in a snap. With Smart Styles, there is no complex scripting, proprietary layout tags or cluttered dialogs filled with options.

And now, with the introduction of CS2, the newest version of Smart Styles has become even more invaluable to InDesign users. WoodWing USA Vice President of Projects Jeff Gapp said that a number of new features are available with CS2 and Smart Styles v. 4.0. Among them:

Smart Styles supports CS2′s frame-based grids and object styles. Users can now build their own frame-based grids and object styles, and Smart Styles will allow them to be saved for future use in the Smart Styles library.

Easier replacement of a Smart Style in a Smart Style library. The user can now create a Smart Style, give it the name of an existing Smart Style, and it will be replaced in the library.

Ability to assign a shortcut to a specific Smart Style. "This will be a huge time-saver for the user," Gapp said. "Any Smart Style that you use, you can now apply a shortcut to it – whatever you want it to be."

Ability to apply a Smart Style to a table cell selection. In the past, the user could only apply styles to the entire table. Now, you can create a Smart Style and drop it on a cell with a library item.

WoodWing officials say they’re excited about the release of Smart Styles v. 4.0, expressing confidence that their customers will be thrilled when they see how well it works with CS2′s new InDesign.

"Anyone who uses this product will tell you that if you’re using InDesign, you should be using Smart Styles," Kruger said. "With all the enhancements that have been made, that’s even more true now. A great InDesign tool just got even better."

About Smart Styles
The award-winning Smart Styles plug-in delivers powerful formatting capabilities to Adobe InDesign users. All formatting options of a page item, including text style, can be set at once using a Smart Style from the Smart Style Library.

The intelligent engine automatically recognizes formatting structure and enables you to create Smart Styles with a simple drag-and-drop to the library. Smart Styles makes repetitive formatting much more efficient, increasing the overall quality and consistency while saving time for creative tasks.

About WoodWing
Since 1997, WoodWing Software engineers have worked with the Adobe InDesign engineering team to develop plug-ins and development services for Adobe InDesign and InCopy customers throughout the publishing industry.

Through a combination of publishing industry experience and a deep knowledge of the Adobe InDesign/InCopy architecture, WoodWing Software offers solutions, productivity tools and plug-ins that make publishing with these programs faster, easier and much more effective.

Its products include Smart Catalog, Smart Layout, Smart Styles and the acclaimed Smart Connection family of editorial solutions. WoodWing is based in Zaandam, The Netherlands, with U.S. operations headquartered in Detroit.

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