Veer Marks Industry first with New Shuttleboard Interactive Lightbox

Veer, a provider of visual elements and design-related products to the creative community, today announced the addition of Shuttleboard™ (patent applied for) to the company’s web site at Shuttleboard is a new interactive web-based lightbox mode that significantly improves creative professionals’ ability to view, sort, and manipulate images and type before purchasing. The new lightbox mode, with its large workspace and sophisticated functionality – such as scale, crop, and layer – offers creatives a flexible alternative to typical lightboxes. Registered users on the Veer web site can now choose from standard mode or Shuttleboard mode on every lightbox at An overview of Shuttleboard features is available via the online tutorial at

Digital lightboxes are widely used by creatives to view, store, and share thumbnails of images on stock photography web sites. Since their introduction over ten years ago, lightboxes have been limited to a static "slides on a light table" metaphor. Veer’s Shuttleboard moves beyond the constraining grid format of typical lightboxes to offer a more flexible and interactive view of products. Using Shuttleboard mode, users can resize, move, crop, and interact with images and type around a spacious work area. Typeface samples are editable, allowing users to enter text, compare fonts side by side, or get a feel for how images and type work together before they purchase. Shuttleboard facilitates collaboration – lightboxes can be e-mailed, edited, annotated, and shared by team members or clients who are registered on the Veer web site.

"Creative professionals are no longer bound by the outdated metaphor and technical limitations of traditional lightboxes," comments Blake Springer, responsible for technology and e-commerce at Veer. "Shuttleboard gives image buyers the functionality and sophistication that they’ve been waiting for. This proprietary technology gives creatives the freedom and control to do their jobs more quickly and easily. With the help of Shuttleboard, sorting, filtering, and prioritizing elements has never been easier or more fun."

"Shuttleboard dares to tread where other ordinary lightboxes have yet to set foot," comments Cameron Moll, well-known designer, speaker, and creator of the popular design blog Authentic Boredom. "To combine the utility of a lightbox with a highly intuitive, online comping application is sheer genius. Veer’s Shuttleboard is a better way to picture combinations of photography and type in a proposed layout. Designers can add several typefaces to a lightbox, customize the text and size for each typeface and compare them side by side. Shuttleboard shortens the process between search, comp, and buy."

This industry-first innovation follows in the footsteps of other exclusive Veer offerings like Image Zoom and FlontÂȘ, a type previewing interface. "By developing proprietary tools like Shuttleboard," says Brock Bohonos, responsible for brand strategy and business development, "Veer is further demonstrating its commitment to creative professionals. Not only do we provide tastefully selected visual elements, we deliver industry-leading tools that support the work lives of creative professionals. Our investment in Shuttleboard further differentiates Veer from the generic ‘image vending machines’ common to the stock industry today."

Veer has filed for a patent on its new proprietary Shuttleboard technology. Shuttleboard mode is now available to users registered on the Veer web site. For more information and to follow the Shuttleboard tutorial, visit

About Veer
Veer sources and delivers visual elements with imagination and style to help creatives diverge from the norm and generate fresh solutions. Veer presents a discerning, design-driven selection of photography, illustration, type, and footage, including exclusives and world premieres. Its products are used daily in advertising, print and web design, corporate communications, and publishing. The privately held company has offices in the United States, Canada, and Germany and serves its global base of customers through its call center and its award-winning web site at

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