UrbanFonts.com Free Fonts – sponsored review

Fonts are a designer’s best friend. Unfortunately, fonts are usually pretty expensive. Luckily, there’s a great resource called UrbanFonts.com that offers great free fonts. Sometimes a font can make or break a design, no matter what format you’re designing in. Having a huge font resource at your fingertips can keep you from that “breaking point”.

The UrbanFonts.com website proves to be one of the most friendly font-browsing websites I’ve ever come across. You can, of course, browse by font name but unless you know the exact name of the font you’re looking for, it won’t be much help. Luckily, they make it easy for you to browse by font style, like: 3D, Comic, Handwritten, Retro and Typewriter, to name a few. This makes it much easier to get to what you’re looking for.

Once you get to browsing their massive font list you’ll notice even more great features. When you mouse over a font name, the entire alphabet list appears, this way you’re not guessing as to what the whole font set looks like. Even better than that, is the text area at the top for you to type in whatever text you want to preview (ie. Photoshop Lab) and have EACH font face display your text how it would look. This takes sooo much of the guesswork out of downloading (or even buying) the font(s) you need and will save bundles of time.

Urban Fonts Preview Screenshot

I would have to say that UrbanFonts.com is going to be my new favorite font site. It’s going to go directly into my toolbox bookmarks and is probably going to become a large asset to my design projects from now on.

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