Turbo Photo Releases Stock Photo Explosion 75-CD Bundle

Turbo Photo (www.turbophoto.com) today released the ‘Stock Photo Explosion’ – a large collection of stock photography on 75 CD-ROMs.

The library contains 3,700 hi-res stock photos spread across 75 CD titles, or categories. Users may choose to download the photos instantly, like virtual CDs, or have the CDs physically shipped.

The price of the Stock Photo Explosion bundle is $1,999.00 USD, which is $.54 per high resolution image and less expensive than most microstock websites. “This bundle is ideal for any graphic designer needing to stockpile an enormous collection of stock images for future design projects,” said Trent Mueller, President of Turbo Photo.

Besides the 75-CD bundle, Turbo Photo has also released a 10-CD bundle for $299 and a 3-CD bundle for $99. For these bundles, users may choose any CDs among the total 75 CDs available.

The images are all royalty-free, and may be used for any commercial, educational, or personal project. Permitted uses include usage for: company websites, multimedia, video, brochures, ads, fliers, collateral, newsletters, posters, promotional items, art, and even printed items offered for sale. As common for the stock photo industry, the only restriction is that users may not attempt to redistribute or resell the image files.

For more information, please contact Turbo Photo (http://www.turbophoto.com ).

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