Too Close To Your T.V.

You ever get really close to your TV? Like, REALLY close? So close you could see the red, blue, and green squares that made up the image on your screen? So close that if your Grandma saw you, you get yelled at for hours about being too close to the TV? I know I have a few times. So let’s recreate that effect.

First start with whatever image you want. I started with this, courtesy of


Now let’s create the RGB pattern. Create a New File [Ctrl + N]. Set the Width to 6 pixels, Height to 1 pixel. Zoom in really close to about 800%. [Ctrl + =]. Select the Pencil tool. Click on your Color Picker boxes. To get a perfect red, set the Hex value to [FF0000].


Use the Pencil Tool to draw a 2-pixel wide red rectangle on the left of your image.


Go back to the Color Picker and choose Green [00FF00]. Draw 2 more pixels next to the red. Then choose Blue [0000FF] and fill next to the green. You should get an image like this:


Press [Ctrl + A] to select your whole image. Go up to [Edit>Define Pattern...]. You can name your pattern whatever you want. Go back to your original image and create a new Adjustment Layer Pattern. When the dialog pops-up, select the pattern you just defined.


Set your Adjustment Layer mode to Overlay and adjust the Opacity to [55%]. Select your bottom Layer in the Layer Palette and press [Ctrl + J] to duplicate that layer. Go up to [Filter>Pixelate>Mosaic]. Set the Cell Size to 4 or whatever you think looks right.


And that’s about it. You can adjust the Opacity or Color Modes on your pattern Layer to get different effects.

close_tv1 close_tv7

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