Think Tank Photo Helps Hide Your Expensive Equipment with the Urban Disguise 35

Urban Disguise 35If you worry about that big “check out this photography bag I have that’s probably full of some very expensive electronics” target you’ve been slinging around on your back, then check out Think Tank Photo’s Urban Disguise 35. It’s a bag designed to be useful and inconspicuous, while trying to relieve some of your anxiety about traveling around with thousands of dollars of your equipment in one, small, compact space.

You can check out the full press release below.

Think Tank Photo’s new Urban Disguise™ 35 shoulder bag is the perfect size for photographers on the go: it holds up to a 13.3″ laptop with a standard-size DSLR or up to a 10″ laptop with a Pro-size DSLR with lens attached. It features a large opening for easy access to equipment, attaches to a roller, and can be used as a backpack with the Shoulder Harness (sold separately).

Its features include:

  • Holds multiple lenses and accessories
  • Center Divider separates laptop from camera gear
  • Can be carried like a backpack with optional Shoulder Harness
  • Front Pocket holds an additional Pro-size DSLR body
  • Can carry DSLR with 70-200 2.8 lens attached

Like all of the Urban Disguise models, this new shoulder bag is designed to allow photographers to travel in style while protecting their valuable equipment from prying eyes. They are intentionally designed not to look like camera bags, thus allowing photographers to carry even their larger lenses and laptops into potentially perilous settings. They are specifically designed for Digital SLRs and for holding the bag close to the photographer’s body.

“This design concept is the culmination of years of observation of photojournalists and other photographers who have jury-rigged their bags to decrease their public exposure,” said Think Tank Photo founder and lead designer Doug Murdoch.

“Whether you are a professional who wishes to maintain a lower profile in potentially dangerous situations or a serious amateur who wishes to lessen the risk of having your gear ripped off, the Urban Disguise’s low profile design allows you to carry the right gear with less fear.”

Urban Disguise Sales to Support Reporters Without Borders

Think Tank Photo is dedicating a percentage of U.S. sales of Urban Disguise shoulder bags to Reporters Without Borders USA. Reporters Without Borders has fought for press freedom on a daily basis since it was founded in 1985.

Lucie Morillon of Reporters Without Borders USA said, “Think Tank Photo is using this campaign to show its support of press freedom and concern about the dangers facing journalists by dedicating a portion of the proceeds from the bags sales to the international press freedom organization. By buying Urban Disguise bags reporters will not only treat themselves to some great camera bags, but also show their solidarity with colleagues around the globe who risk their lives daily to get at the truth. Funds raised on behalf of Reporters Without Borders will help the organization pursue its activities in support of journalists, and improve their safety.”

Donations to Reporters Without Borders can be made at
3636 N. Laughlin Rd, Suite 170
Santa Rosa, CA 95403 USA
ph: 866.55THINK (558.4465)
FAX: 707.527.0808

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