Teacup Software Releases TypeFitter 1.0

Teacup Software announces the launch of TypeFitter, a new multi-functional plug-in that fits text without compromising quality typography. The plug-in fits type by adjusting settings in InDesign’s justification algorithms, giving better results than just adjusting tracking or scaling. Capable of fitting text quickly and efficiently, TypeFitter is an essential time-saving tool for book publishers, newspapers, magazines and anyone else working with justified text.

TypeFitter features include:

– Easily tighten, loosen, or restore text using a simple palette.
– Create and save settings in type-fit styles for tighten, tighten more, loosen and loosen more. Type-fit styles from any previously created document can be loaded into your current document.
– Automatically find widows or oversets, even in table cells. TypeFitter will bring these problematic text flaws to your attention, saving valuable time.
– t works with both InDesign and InCopy, so layout artists and copy editors have access to the same type fitting tools. A single license will let you work in InDesign and InCopy CS and CS-2.

TypeFitter in practice:
"The TypeFitter plug-in is a straight-forward solution to the time-consuming process of fitting justified text," says Teacup president Lawrence Horwitz. "The idea of fitting type by nudging justification settings came to us from customers, and it’s a great idea. Once people start using it, I think they’re going to wonder how they did without it."

Pricing and Availability:
TypeFitter retails for $59.95 and is available for download and purchase from Teacup’s website at www.teacupsoftware.com. It requires InDesign or InCopy CS or CS 2 on either Windows 2000 and higher or Macintosh OS X 10.2 and higher.

About Teacup Software, Inc.
Teacup Software, Inc. is focused on creating simple, elegant solutions exclusively for Adobe InDesign. In addition to its ready-made plug-in products, Teacup also offers consulting services for custom plug-in development for Adobe InDesign. In both its consulting and development work, Teacup is dedicated to doing the extra work it takes to create products that are transparent and easy-to-use. Teacup is always looking for ways to simplify, simplify, simplify.
Website: http://www.teacupsoftware.com

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