Teacup Software Releases TableStyles and CellStyles Update

Teacup Software announces the launch of TableStyles and CellStyles 1.1, a free update that supports Adobe’s latest release, InDesign CS2. This new update supports InDesign CS2′s new "snippet" feature, as well as support for InDesign’s INX format. Straightforward features and full compatibility with InDesign CS2 make the updated plug-in an indispensable tool for artists and designers working with a variety of documents such as tables, charts and annual reports.

New features in this update include:

• Snippet support in CS2. Users can "round-trip" tables into and out of snippets, and still retain all of their table and cell styles
• INX support. Users can export styled tables to INX in CS and CS2. For CS2 users, this allows backwards compatability with InDesign CS.
• Enhanced scriptability. The plug-in allows every attribute in a table style or a cell style to be modified easily and directly with AppleScripts, JavaScripts or Visual Basic scripts.
• Increased flexibility. With greater interaction between TableStyles and CellStyles, users have the ability to decide whether a table style or a cell style takes priority when a conflict appears.
• Greater continuity. Previous bugs have been remedied providing smooth, uncomplicated use.

Why CellStyles and TableStyles?
With powerful table styling features, a single click can fully format a table or a cell within a table. After the initial formatting, any changes made to the style are updated on the table automatically. The plug-in has the ability to import styles from other documents and create default styles, making it easy to standardize the look and feel for tables across an entire organization.

"This free point update is a significant upgrade for users of TableStyles and CellStyles," says Teacup president Lawrence Horwitz. "The support for new CS2 features, particularly snippets, is considerable, but even users of InDesign CS will find some new features and enhancements that will make this a worthwhile change."

Pricing, Availability and Requirements
TableStyles and CellStyles 1.1 are sold together for $99.95 USD. The TableStyles and CellStyles 1.1 update is free for users of version 1.0. A free, fully functional 20-day trial version is available for download from Teacup’s website at www.teacupsoftware.com .

TableStyles and CellStyles 1.1 work with InDesign CS and InDesign CS2 on Macintosh OS X and Windows 2000 and above.

About Teacup Software, Inc.
Teacup Software, Inc. is focused on creating simple, elegant solutions exclusively for Adobe InDesign. In addition to its ready-made plug-in products, Teacup also offers consulting services for custom plug-in development for Adobe InDesign. In both its consulting and development work, Teacup is dedicated to doing the extra work it takes to create products that are transparent and easy-to-use. Teacup is always looking for ways to simplify, simplify, simplify.

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