Another Cheap DIY Flash Diffuser

Jason W on Flickr explains his $0.05 flash diffuser .

Official Presidential Photo Shot with Canon 5D Mark II

You can download the official Presidential photo of Barack Obama from the website. A quick shot at the EXIF data reveals:

  • Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • f/10
  • 105mm
  • 1/125

Presidential EXIF Data

Photo credits appear to go to Pete Souza . I’m just impressed that this type of interesting info is available.

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New Slim Urban Friendly Camera Backpacks

In an effort to make urban photographers feel more comfortable in crowded situations, Think Tank Photo went and slimmed down some camera backpacks so you can feel a bit less conspicuous. These new StreetWalker backpacks come in three different flavors for now; The Streetwalker, Streetwalker Pro and The Streetwalker HardDrive, which provides room for a 15″ laptop. These bags provide a massive amount of storage and utility, all while keeping your pricey camera goodies safe. Check out the full press release after the jump.

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Not the Kind of Camera Flash You Want

Lightning through a camera. Ouch… that hurt.

Canon Rebel XS/1000D Specs

Finally, a competitor

Canon XSi unboxing

So jealous. I want one.

Photomerge: Snapshots to Poster Prints

Photomerge: Snapshots to Poster Prints

You can create stunning panoramas by “stitching” together several adjoining images with Photomerge. Continue Reading »

Creating Sunsets with Silhouettes

Creating Sunsets with Silhouettes

This tutorial will show you how to take your regular beach day photo and turn it into a beautiful sunset silhouette. Oh, and this is my 30th tutorial. Continue Reading »

Half Sketch Effect

Half Sketch Effect

This tutorial will show you how to make an image look like it’s half-sketched. It’s a really easy effect that I’ve been seeing around lately. Reminds me of that A-Ha video. Continue Reading »

The Elegant Studio Shot

The Elegant Studio Shot

This tutorial shows a quick way to take your normal, boring product shot and make it look more professional and elegant. Continue Reading »

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