ShutterStock in Japanese

ShutterStock® ( announced that its website is now fully functional in Japanese ( With this translation, ShutterStock will be able to further expand its already global customer base, offering its extensive collection of royalty-free images to the Japanese creative community in-language.

"We are very optimistic about the new site," said Jon Oringer, ShutterStock™ founder and CEO. "Our ongoing goal is to make ShutterStock™ as accessible as possible to the international design community."

Accessibility and ease-of-use have always been central to ShutterStock’s operation. The site’s hassle-free subscription model has fueled its growth. For $139 per month, subscribers can download up to 25 images each day – or 750 per month – to be used royalty-free, forever. Customers who sign up for extended periods (three months, six months, or a year) are eligible for savings of up to 20%.

The Japanese version of ShutterStock launched just as the site’s photo library hit another milestone: the website has surpassed 400,000 premium, royalty-free images.

About ShutterStock
Founded in 2003, ShutterStock is one of the fastest growing suppliers of royalty-free stock photography in the industry. Its outstanding collection of premium images combined with a user-friendly interface has made ShutterStock a trusted resource for an expanding global customer base. ShutterStock currently has over 400,000 images available to its subscribers, and that number increases every day. For more information, visit

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