Printable Technologies Releases Next Generation Product: FusionPro 3.0

Printable Technologies, Inc., the world leader in e-commerce print workflow and Variable Data Printing (VDP) solutions, today announced the release of FusionPro 3.0, the next generation of variable data composition tools that takes the functionality of DL Formatter to new levels.

"We have taken the framework of the Datalogics products and created next-generation applications that offer so much more," said Douglas Cogan, Printable’s Vice President of VDP Technologies. "FusionPro offers new, more sophisticated tools for document designers that allow for better control of copy fitting and management of dynamic variable text in the document. Also, FusionPro simplifies the addition of new features and offers prospects the ability to explore fully functional "timed" evaluation copies." Applications for FusionPro range from traditional VDP applications such as postcards to an embedded system that generates customized airline luggage tags or fully customized booklets produced in a "lights out" batch process.

FusionPro Desktop™
FusionPro Desktop is a desktop document composition application supporting complex variable data content for a variety of cross media publication. New in FusionPro Desktop 3.0:

  • Export of text and all common style attributes from QuarkXPress, including QuarkXPress 6.5. In development is support for text and style export from InDesign.
  • New field definition functionality that offers "fill in the blank" or drop down boxes for convenience in completing personalization or to ensure accuracy and completeness of data.
  • Enhancements and improvements print data stream output in the following formats: PPML, VIPP, VDX, and more.

FusionPro Designer™
FusionPro Designer is a low cost "design and proof" application that accompanies FusionPro Server that can be distributed to creative staff to create document layouts and test them without having to implement multiple copies of FusionPro Desktop.

FusionPro Server™
With document layouts created in FusionPro Desktop or FusionPro Designer, the FusionPro Server accepts online or offline documents, performs a high-speed data merge, and produces production-ready data streams with no human intervention. With a queuing mechanism that manages multiple jobs, automatic load balacing, and auto-failover FusionPro support both "lights out" batch processing or – as an embedded system – can produce one-off documents as well. New in FusionPro Server 3.0:

* New copy fitting capabilities – define a set of text frames and the copy can be fit to the frame size by adjusting the font size, leading, and inter-character spacing.
* Text measurement capabilities – the ability to make judgments on how text will be processed based on the width and depth of the text block.
* Java scripting to modify the copy flow even further; for example, "rich white space management" allowing images to be placed to use excess white space effectively.
* Improved Java script validator allowing selection of records from within the editor for testing of scripts.

Across All FusionPro 3.0 Modules
New license registration features allow prospective customers to have full-featured evaluation copies active for a predetermined length of time to ensure sufficient time for testing and proof of concept. These features also make it easier for customers to add additional modules without having to install new components.

About Printable
Printable Technologies is a world leader in providing online Variable Data Printing Solutions to commercial and digital print service providers, ad agencies and direct marketing companies, and the enterprises using their services. Three modules – PrintOne Customer Center, Printable Dashboard, and Printable Manager – comprise the Printable System, delivering real-time integrated business communications applications, online ordering and e-commerce, versioned and variable documents, job submission, and file transfer.

Printable solutions easily integrate with ERP solutions such as Ariba, SAP, and Oracle; content management solutions like Documentum; accounting and shop floor management applications such as Prism and Quantum; and major digital production workflows from Hewlett-Packard, Canon, Xerox, NexPress, and more.

Today more than 500 service providers around the world use the Printable VDP and online workflow systems to serve more than 1,300 corporate customers. Improved efficiency for every aspect of the procurement process means printers enjoy higher revenues, new business growth, and better customer retention. For more information, go to

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