PixelPaper Paper Effects – sponsored by Twisting Pixels

PixelPaper is a remarkable collection of filters that turn your images into folded, crumpled, and crinkled pieces of paper. PixelPaper allows you to Bend your image, turn in the sides of it with a curl. Crinkle and Crumple together your image for it to resemble a balled up piece of paper that]s been smoothed out. Crunch the edges of your images making them look damaged and distorted. Anywhere you want a crease or fold PixelPaper gives you the power to do it. Here’s a quick look how.

Target Image:

Original Image:

-Load image into Twisting Pixels from Photoshop.
-Go to your menu find [Filter] find [Twisting Pixels] click on [Twisting Pixels]. If you are not running this under Photoshop then launch the Twisting Pixels application and choose “Open” under the file menu.

1. Folding your image

1.1. On your menu find [Filter] find [PixelPaper] and add [Fold].


1.2. Change [Fold Amount] for a more dramatic crease.
1.3. Change horizontal and vertical folds to 2 folds each, with the sliders.


1.4. Shrink image slightly with the [Shrink Image] slider. This gives the folds room for the shadows and the perspective.
1.5. Make the shadow darker. Find the tab labeled [Lights] select [Shadow Color] and adjust slider to fit your preference. Higher settings give darker shadow colors

2. Adding texture

2.1. Find the tab labeled [Surface]
- Hit the button labeled [Bumpmap...]
- This should bring up a standard open dialog where you can load different textures..
2.2. To view these textures change the images from [List] to [Thumbnails]. If you are on Mac OSX then when you click on each JPG file you can see a preview in the right column.


-Choose a desirable texture. I chose Asphalt_3. Asphalt_3.
-Adjust your surface by changing the bumpmap strength and scale.

2.3. Your end product should resemble this:

This tutorial written and sponsored by Twisting Pixels.

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