PhotoSpin Releases New Photos

PhotoSpin announced today the release of their newest royalty-free photos (Adult Education, Dorm Life, Car Wash, Backyard Gardening and Graduation), royalty-free illustrations (Mod Illustrations), and system fonts (Deftone Stylus, Should’ve Known, Birdland, Aeroplane, Lesser Concern, and Sofachrome.)

All content is available immediately to PhotoSpin subscribers and for purchase as an individual download. Each month PhotoSpin releases new royalty-free content that is prompted by requests from their subscribers. April’s content includes three customer requests volumes: Graduation, Car Wash, and Backyard Gardening. Students of continuing education and specialized training programs are captured in PhotoSpin’s Adult Education volume of photography while Dorm Life depicts the quieter side of learning and the after-hours activities of the college campus. PhotoSpin’s Graduation Series screams “ACCOMPLISHMENT!” with exuberant teens throwing their commencement caps in the air. Both Car Wash and Backyard Gardening capture images of warmer day activities reminiscent of spring and summer activities. The newest illustrations are appropriately named Mod Illustrations, featureing 50 stylish ladies pictured in a fun, mod style. Last, but certainly not least, are the five keen new fonts available to PhotoSpin Plus subscribers: Deftone Stylus, Should’ve Known, Birdland Aeroplane, Lesser Concern, and Sofachrome.

To view PhotoSpin’s newest content go to

About PhotoSpin Inc.,
PhotoSpin, Inc. is the only royalty-free content subscription site for business professionals that include fonts, illustrations, sound and film in one neat annual royalty-free photo subscription. The PhotoSpin library includes 100,000 award-winning photographs, illustrations, video clips, sound files and fonts. The company has a unique subscription-based model where users pay an annual fee to create a username and password, and can go on to the site for downloads of content anytime with no additional fees. For more information about PhotoSpin, call 888.246.1313 or visit

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