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Whether you want to show off your amazing Photoshop talent or just touch up on your skills, entering a Photoshop contest on is a great place to do both.

The Idea

The Photoshop contests at work in two different manners. There are themed contests, in which you are provided with just a theme to base your entries on and then there are source contests. In source contests you are provided with a source image and your entry would be some alteration of that.

The contests are also moderated by different talent levels. Certain contest’s entries are limited by the user’s talent level. Each user’s talent level is determined by how many contests they’ve won and their placement. Along with talent points, you can win credits, which can be used to enter other contests or be exchanged for some cold, hard, cash.

The Execution

After browsing through the contests you can tell that there is an eclectic collection of talent levels participating in these contests. You can usually tell the beginners from the experts in the free-for-all contests, but the higher-level contests can usually provide some stunning entires.

The talent, voting and credit systems are pretty intuitive. The idea of users having a “votepower” rating really allows the contests to be judged more fairly. If a user votes a “1″ for all entries except their own, you can tell that they’re a careless voter and their votes will matter less and less. And being able to cash out your credits or winnings for actual cash is, well, what could be better?

The biggest qualm I have is the actual website. For a Photoshop-related website, it’s not designed or layed-out very well. The contests are messy and confusing at first. The navigation is barely useful and not intuitive. It also took me a few tries to complete the registration, as I wasn’t getting my confirmation email. Since the core idea of the site is done well, it makes it even more of a shame the website around it isn’t all that you would expect, or all that it could be. Of course, I may be a bit more biased since I build websites for a living.

So, if you’re interested in tweaking your skills or just looking for a good Photoshop challenge, the Photoshop contests at are a good place to start.

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