Photoshop Automator Action Pack Updated

Well-respected author and Senior Editor Ben Long has released the first major update to the Photoshop Automator Action Pack. This collection of 56 Automator Actions lets you control all of Photoshop’s core functionality from within Apple’s Automator. What’s more, the Action Pack lets you sort and test images, allowing you to create automated workflows that can perform different actions on different types of images-something you can’t do with Photoshop’s built-in Action tools.

The new version provides numerous bug fixes, tweaks and improvements, as well as 11 new actions including Add Watermark, Auto Contrast, Bleach Bypass, Diffusion, Scale Image and crop. The new version also includes a 50+ page manual, sample workflows, and a special Batch Manager action that helps overcome some of Automator’s limitations when dealing with large batches of high-res images.

Best of all, you can get the entire package absolutely free at:

For more information, send email to [email protected].

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