Photoflex Offers Free Lighting Lessons at New Website

Photoflex Lighting School has been established as a new and immediately popular website offering free lighting lessons for digital imaging and traditional photography, it was announced today by Photoflex Inc. President Sharon Reeves.
“Proper lighting stands out as a critically important part of good photography,” Reeves states. “As a leading manufacturer of lighting equipment for two decades, Photoflex understands that there’s a lot for photographers to know. Now all levels of photographers, from beginning to advanced, can benefit from the instant and practical online learning we’ve created at”

The new website already attracts significant attention on the Web. According to Adam Maitland, a computer consultant who helped develop the site, Photoflex Lighting School records an average of 21 page views per visitor, far more than the industry average of about 10 pages.
More than 60 step-by-step, easy-to-understand lessons have been posted on the new website under three categories: Lighting Principles, Equipment Lessons, and Lighting Lessons. Dozens more will be added to these categories in the months to come. And to help photographers select the lighting equipment most appropriate to their needs, a comparison of different products will also be offered.

Whether they use digital or traditional cameras, photographers who buy Photoflex products such as reflectors, backdrops, umbrellas, softboxes, and tungsten lights will find specific equipment lessons that quickly help them make the best use of their investment in lighting. Other photographers also will benefit from the wide array of lessons that, as the website says, “explain the dynamic principles of light as they relate to photography.” Lesson content includes photographs that show not only results, but also how equipment is set up and used.

The new website represents a major expansion of Photoflex’s long-standing commitment to increasing photographers’ knowledge and effective use of lighting equipment and techniques. A subsidiary company, Web Photo School (, is the world’s largest resource for digital-imaging and traditional photography lessons. Its library includes more than 200 lessons available at modest cost, as well as 15 that can be accessed for free. Web Photo School lessons incorporate lighting information, use of various cameras, other photo equipment, and software.
Photoflex’s main website ( ) features many photographs that show impressive results achieved from the use of its products. It also provides easily accessible links to the websites for Photoflex Lighting School and Web Photo School. 
In addition, Photoflex disseminates its lighting and photography expertise via interactive websites with digital-imaging lessons specifically tailored to the customers of strategic partners such as Olympus America, Lexar Media, Bogen Imaging, Quantum Instruments, and Dedolight. It also offers a Dealer Support Program to its retailers that includes interactive website lessons developed specifically for customers of major photography retailers such as B&H Photo-Video, Adorama Camera, Glazer’s Camera, Penn Camera, and Samy’s Camera.
Photoflex Inc. ( manufactures and distributes high-quality, versatile lighting equipment for the worldwide photography, video, film, and digital-imaging industries. Based in Watsonville, Calif., it also offers as an online resource for free photography and digital-imaging lessons for all levels of photographers. And its Web Photo School is the largest online resource for paid lessons, with many taught by leading professional photographers.

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