My Love/Hate with Dreamhost

I used to sing praises about my hosting company, Dreamhost, but recently I’m not sure if I could even whisper a praise.

The Love
Dreamhost has always had a great support. Even when asking just simple questions I’d get a response within 24-hours. The amount of features they offer is something to drool over also. Rails, PHP5, MySQL5 and the One-click installs… golden.

When I experienced my first Digg-effect, they noticed the traffic on my site and upped the connection limit before I even had a chance to contact them. When they did reply, they gave me some tips to avoid crashing the next-time I got Dugg. How nice is that?

The Hate
For the first year of hosting they were flawless. Never had a single problem. In the last few months though, I’ve experienced significant outages (3+ hours) two or three times. They keep you updated on what’s going on, but that doesn’t really make me feel any better when my website is sitting dormant, untrafficed and un-ad-displaying.

So, now I face the dilemna of sticking-it out and staying with them, or just picking-up and moving on…

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