Move Complete.

Photoshop Lab is now sitting nicely on Media Temple’s Grid Server . The move went smoother than I was expecting, in fact, it went as smooth as I had hoped it would. It was a fairly simple process, but I was still a little apprehensive since I haven’t switched hosts in over 2-years.

The first step in the process was transferring the database(s). Navicat made that process super-easy. It includes a feature called “Data Transfer” which allows you to select two remote databases and transfers the data from one to the other, including the table creation, data transfer, even stored procedures. No data loss at all, except for the 3 hours it took for the Mint database tables to transfer, which isn’t actually a “loss”, it just couldn’t write to the database during that time. I then downloaded all of the files on the Dreamhost domain, then uploaded them to Media Temple.

After all of the information was transferred I set the DNS of each domain from Dreamhost to Media Temple and waited. It only took a few hours for the DNS to populate where I was, but after examining my traffic, it looks like the DNS is still populating in other places. Hopefully, everything will finish today and traffic will return to normal. If you have had problems getting to the site, this may be why, so please be patient.

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