Medium Format Camera Effect

It seems that in the age of super-high-res, double-digit-megapixel, digital cameras there is still a desire for that old-school medium format camera effect. Since most of us are too lazy or too uneducated to use regular, old-fashioned film anymore, we can use Photoshop to get that cool “I’m not using a digital camera” effect.

Let’s start with a regular old-image. This one is courtesy of


The first thing we want to do is duplicate the background layer. Quickly done with [Ctrl + J].


Next we wanna add a Gaussian Blur. [Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur]. Set the Radius to about 2-pixels.


Now want to add a Layer Mask to the new layer by clicking on the Layer Mask button at the bottom of the Layer palette.


Choose the Gradient Tool and choose Radial Gradient from the Options bar. Make sure your Layer Mask is selected, then click and drag the Gradient tool from the focal center out.



Create a new Layer. [Ctrl + Alt + Shift +N]. Set the Layer Mode to Multiply. Press [D] to set your colors to default. Press [X] to reverse them. Click and drag your Gradient tool from the center out. Repeat until you get the effect of darkened edges.


Create a new Solid Color Layer Adjustment Layer. Set the color to black. Set the Mode to Color. And set the Opacity to around 15%. This will wash out some of the color.


Create a new Photo Filter Adjustment Layer. Set the Filter to Warming (81). Increase the density to around 75%. This should give a nice burnt/orang-ish hue to the image.


Now you’re basically done. Almost all of the Layers you created are easily adjustable, so play around with them until you get the look you want.


This tutorial will show you how to recreate a Holga-style medium-format camera effect. Great for adding a little bit of style to otherwise boring photos.

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