Media Lab Releases WellRounded 1.0

Media Lab Inc. today announced the release of WellRounded 1.0, a new website production extension for DreamWeaver.

WellRounded lets DreamWeaver users add rounded corner rectangles directly to their HTML documents without leaving DreamWeaver. Moreover, the HTML and CSS that WellRounded outputs fits nicely into the DreamWeaver layout view, works in all popular browsers, and validates as XHTML 1.1. WellRounded rectangles can be stretched, positioned inline or absolutely, and be made to fit their content dynamically — without breaking or artifacts.

WellRounded supports user-definable round corner radius, color, background color, feathering, drop shadows, inner shadows, and borders. It is a complete solution to a commonly vexing problem. WellRounded rectangles are valid HTML and CSS and .gif files. They have been designed to be used as floatable containers and to fit into liquid layout designs.

“It seems like such a simple thing, but the reality is that these little graphic details are painfully labor-intensive to make and fraught with problems,” says Chris Perkins, Media Lab CEO. “Many a designer would like to enclose their content in nice round cornered containers, but they usually resort to shortcuts like plastering a large, inflexible image into the page. Why? Because it’s very labor intensive to get all the pieces and code working, especially across all the browsers. WellRounded just does it — it creates all the graphics, writes the HTML, writes the CSS, and it works everywhere.”

WellRounded produces very flexible HTML and CSS which allow it to fit easily into the plans of every designer. “When we started this we knew we had to do it the DreamWeaver way, so that users would know what to expect,” commented Tom Summerall, President of Media Lab, “but we also knew that the rectangles had to be robust enough to work as floating elements, inline, relative, whatever people want. The ability to have the rectangles expand and contract based on content size or browser window size is key to being able to use in liquid layout designs.”

Mac OS X and Windows versions of the WellRounded unlockable demo are available now via download from Introductory pricing for the download version is $US 39. WellRounded 1.0 can be ordered from Media Lab’s online store at or by phone at 800-282-5361. Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted. Volume discounts are available.

Based in Longmont, Colorado, Media Lab Inc. has been bringing Photoshop designs to interactive life as Web pages and Macromedia Director & Flash movies for over a decade. Media Lab’s award-winning web-page design tool PhotoWebber has received numerous favorable reviews since it was introduced in April, 2000. The company’s multimedia design tools — PhotoCaster, PSD2FLA, and AlphaMania — have been used to create pioneering special effects seen at the EPCOT Center at Disney World in Florida, in numerous music videos and in motion pictures such as “X-Men 2″, “Spiderman 2″, “Air Force One”, and “Armageddon”. Media Lab can be reached via the web site at

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