MacLab Announces Text Cleaner 3

MacLab, announced the release of Text Cleaner 3. Text Cleaner is the tool used by graphic designers, editors, and web designers to significantly reduce text cleanup time. Text Cleaner implements a context sensitive engine to set or remove industry standard typography such as em and en dashes, smart quotes, ligatures and ellipses, while removing unwanted spaces, tabs, returns, and more, making search-and-replace preparation unnecessary.

Version 3 adds the following new features:

  • Direct cleaning of InDesign CS while retaining styles, colors, style sheets and formatting
  • Direct cleaning of QuarkXPress 6.5 while retaining styles, colors, style sheets and formatting
  • Mac OS X Native
  • 10 User-definable cleaning operations
  • Changing of capitalization including sentence and initial caps
  • Removal of HTML Tags in copied text or text files

Feature details, screenshots and a 30-day trial can be found at

Text Cleaner requires Mac OS X version 10.2 or higher and is priced at $89. Upgrades are $49.

Text Cleaner was given the Spiffy Award by MacAddict, 5 out of 5 cows by Tucows, and called “indispensable” by the Kleper Report on Digital Publishing.

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