LookWow Launches PC Version of Popular Photo Editing Based Web Service

LookWow™, Inc., provider of the leading web-based photo enhancement service, today announced availability of its first PC product, LookWow 3.1, which gives users another option for accessing the innovative features in its popular web-based photo editing service. LookWow is designed primarily for headshots, giving users the ability to easily add "personality" to their photos. LookWow is being used for online dating, sharing photos with friends and family and corporate photos.

"Along with the success of our web-based service, our users have been asking for their own personal version of LookWow," said David Kramer, Co-Founder and Co-President of LookWow. "We’ve responded with a comprehensive and easy-to-download solution that gives users the ability to use LookWow anytime they choose — whether they’re on the web, or offline."

According to reviewers at CNET Download.com, "This focused application packs an enormous number of photo-enhancement features into a small footprint…. You can apply all kinds of effects on the Revitalize tab, including artistic, stylish, and natural effects… Effects such as suntan and enhance lip underscore the program’s focus on headshots. The Editing tab lets you add borders, captions, and colors, as well as adjust brightness, rotation, and cropping. The Creative Effects tab includes fun effects such as night vision… Our favorite feature is Review Progress, which shows each change you’ve made and allows you to choose any stage to start over… Anyone who prepares headshots, especially for online purposes, might really enjoy LookWow."

"LookWow helps daters and other users improve their photos without requiring a Ph D. in graphics software," said Michael Tchong, Trend Analyst at Ubercool. "LookWow greatly improves the ability of every Tom, Dick and Harriette to enhance photographs, giving users a shot at improving that all-important first impression."

The LookWow Solution
LookWow is a Java™ and PHP and .NET based application, created using patent-pending image filtering and processing technology. LookWow 3.1 runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, and XP. For Linux and MAC support, contact [email protected] LookWow requires the free Java plug-in.

Pricing and Availability
LookWow 3.1 is available now, at LookWow.com.com and a range of online sites. Pricing for LookWow 3.1 starts at $14.95. Enterprise licensing is available for LookWow’s server and client solutions.

About LookWow, Inc.
LookWow™ Inc., is an emerging technology company, providing the leading web-based photo enhancement service and a range of photo editing products. LookWow easily plugs into online dating sites, photo sharing services and other photo-centric products, such as photo kiosks. For additional information, contact LookWow at www.lookwow.com, or email: [email protected].

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