KlearVision Introduces PhotoD Pro Auto Correction Software

KlearVision Digital’s Photo-D Pro I auto-correction software, winner of a 2005 Innovative Digital Product Award from the Digital Imaging Marketing Association (DIMA), is now available via electronic download from www.klearvision.com.

“We’ve found that many professionals hear about Photo-D because they go looking for a solution out of necessity, when they have an immediate need to get important images corrected rapidly,” says David Zwang, North American Director of Business Development for KlearVision Digital. “We’ve therefore made it easy to quickly trial, or purchase, Photo-D Pro software via klearvision.com.”

Photo-D Technology: Auto-Correction with the Human Touch
At the heart of Photo-D is a comprehensive, rule-based Intelligent Expert System (IES) that automatically optimizes and enhances digital image files, preparing them for printing or viewing. Using sophisticated “fuzzy logic” and “artificial intelligence” (AI) algorithms, Photo-D, in effect, emulates the decision-making expertise of a traditional color expert, or digital imaging professional, to analyze, correct and produce high-quality image files.

Photo-D Product Line: Core Functionality
All Photo-D software acquires sets of photos and analyzes them as a human graphic-art expert would. Photo-D looks for problems associated with under- or over-exposure, contrast, brightness, color and details, and then corrects the problems automatically to obtain optimal, quality results. Red-eye can be corrected to natural eye color automatically. The original and corrected photos are then displayed side by side, for easy comparison and selection.

Photo-D Pro I
Photo-D Pro I is a professional, fully automatic photo correction application for photo and graphic arts professionals. In addition to incorporating all basic functions, seen above, users can customize the expert system’s parameters to tailor correction variables to their, or their clients’, liking.

Photo-D Pro I is customized via a preferences window; this preference setup can be named and saved to be used again. Customizable features include: Dark details, White balance, Color saturation, Selective hues, Sharpen/Soften, Paper type, Input/Output device and Print size and resolution.

Photo-D Pro-I enables multiple size setting (smart scaling) and crop options. It also supports enhancement of hundreds of photos in a set.

Photo-D Pro II
Photo-D Pro II is designed for Micro, Mini and Large Photo labs, as well as automated graphic arts workflows. In addition to Photo-D Pro I features, Photo-D Pro II offers fully automatic red-eye detection and correction, and automatic workflow capabilities.

A Photo lab owner can define an input Hot Folder, as well as destination Hot Folders. Photo-D Pro II monitors the input Hot Folder and starts working on sets of photos upon arrival. Photo-D Pro II will detect any custom scripts and incorporate those into the automated Hot Folder processing. The enhanced set is then sent to the predefined output folders, for printing, CD, or other use.

JinCheng Technology is forecasting Photo-D Pro integration in over 3000 minilabs worldwide. “By choosing to include Photo-D Pro in our LCOS Digital Minilabs, we have chosen to ensure that our entire LCOS Digital Minilab product line has automatic analysis and correction of digital photos,” says Tay Keng Soon, Managing Director, JinCheng Technology. “This technology, born of research work undertaken in scientific imaging and by leading companies in the graphic arts market, provides the level of excellence that we seek to offer our customers.”

About KlearVision Digital
K.V.D. KlearVision Digital LTD is a leading provider of automatic digital photo correction expert systems for the digital imaging world. Moshe Keydar, a leading color imaging expert, together with colleagues from the Image Processing and Imaging Technology sectors, founded KlearVision Digital in 2000. For more information, please visit: http://www.klearvision.com.

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