K4 Publishing System Version 5.5 Released for Adobe Creative Suite 2

Managing Editor Inc. (MEI), a Philadelphia-based provider of software solutions for the publishing industry, today announced that K4 Publishing System version 5.5 has been released, providing full compatibility with Adobe’s Creative Suite 2 versions of InDesign® and InCopy®. This combination will offer publishing houses, design agencies and corporate creative groups the opportunity to immediately benefit from the new features in the CS2 applications combined with the power and flexibility of the most popular high-performance publishing system for InDesign-based workflows. K4 version 5.5 is also compatible with the first CS versions of InDesign and InCopy and their update releases.

K4 is a high-performance publishing system that integrates InDesign and InCopy to manage workflow for design and editorial and to control the entire production process. With its multi-level security controls, open SQL architecture and robust customization options, K4 supports a transparent and secure production workflow for individual workgroups or entire publishing enterprises. The K4 Publishing System is a product of SoftCare GmbH. MEI is the exclusive distributor of K4 in the Americas.

With the latest version of K4, customers can take advantage of the newest capabilities in InDesign and InCopy. One of the most important features in InCopy CS2, which can dramatically streamline editorial workflows in K4, allows editors to place images directly into assigned frames in InCopy files and scale, crop, and rotate images and artwork, including inline graphics. Another feature, supported for both InCopy CS2 and InDesign CS2, is flexible dictionary management, allowing users to create and reference multiple dictionaries. Editors can link to shared dictionaries on a network and import and export word lists for efficient dictionary management. These features in combination with K4 improve design and editorial workflow and allow users to capitalize on technological enhancements to improve quality and increase productivity.

A new XML export tool for K4 is also available with the release of version 5.5. K4 XML-Exporter is an optional add-on module that provides a cost-effective and standards-compliant means for organizing and exporting individual articles or complete issues to XML. The K4 XML-Exporter follows an open, standardized schema defined by the system, providing the freedom and control to repurpose or transform K4 content in innumerable ways using industry-standard tools. The resultant XML files can be used for archiving, syndication, Web publishing or transfer to asset management systems. Furthermore, users can create and save text elements in the K4 workflow so that print and online versions can be prepared simultaneously. Thanks to this feature, teasers, alternate headlines and hyperlinks that do not appear in the printed version can be stored in the system and retrieved for online publishing. K4 XML-Exporter is also compatible with K4 systems that use the first CS versions of InDesign and InCopy.

The K4 Publishing System has been successfully implemented at more than 70 magazine, book and newspaper sites ranging in size from 12 to more than 300 users per workgroup. Besides InDesign CS2 and InCopy CS2 integration, K4 features support for ads, images and multimedia object workflows, enhanced use of XML for structuring content within the system, workflow capabilities for other file types such as word processing and spreadsheet files, support for regional editions or multi-version publications, e-mail notifications of assignments, virtual layouts for issue-planning integration, and object rules for connecting digital asset management systems.

K4 Publishing System version 5.5 and K4 XML-Exporter are available from MEI and its integration partners. All K4 customers are eligible to receive a free upgrade to version 5.5, and can purchase K4 XML-Exporter as an option.

For more information about MEI and the K4 Publishing System, visit http://www.maned.com/k4.

About K4 Publishing System
K4 is a robust publishing system that integrates an SQL database with Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy for collaborative design and editorial workflows. K4 offers check-in and checkout of content, customized workflow management and metadata assignment for multiple object types, simultaneous workflow between layout and editorial, exact copy fitting to the layout, content and layout change alerting, workflow routing, status tracking, version control, galley, story or WYSIWYG editing mode, red lining, change tracking, and inline notes. One of the hallmarks of K4 is its Open-SQL interface, enabling other systems such as asset management, issue planning or automated prepress to be linked to K4 within the enterprise. Articles are stored in XML format and can be easily repurposed for use on the Web.

About MEI
Managing Editor Inc. (MEI) is an industry leader in the development of quality, proven software solutions for the evolving publishing industry. The Page Director® Series of Advertising and Classified Layout Systems, K4 Publishing System, TruEdit® Collaborative Workflow System, Integrated Production Suite (IPS) with QuickSilver™, AdWorks Ad Management System, PublishNow, Wave2™ Publishing Platform, and the Roundhouse® Ad Tracking System deliver automated pagination and workflow solutions to newspaper and magazine publishers, as well as to other print and electronic publishing markets. Founded in 1990, the company was named a laureate of both the 1999 and 2000 Computerworld Smithsonian Collections. Managing Editor is a portfolio company of Adobe Ventures LP, the investment arm of Adobe Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: ADBE), as well as the exclusive distributor of the K4 Publishing System in the Americas. Additional information regarding MEI’s products and services can be found on the company’s Web site at http://www.maned.com .

About SoftCare
SoftCare (http://www.softcare.de/) was founded in 1990 and is a leading developer of workflow solutions for the publishing industry, helping magazine and newspaper publishers work more efficiently. SoftCare’s flagship product is the award-winning K4 Publishing System, the first editorial system for professional publishing workflows based on Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy. SoftCare teams up with trained K4 System Integrators throughout Europe and the Americas to ensure high-quality services and support for the system on a local level.

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