Index Stock Imagery Launches a New Image Search System

Index Stock Imagery,, is always looking for ways to create a more user-friendly image search system for its customers. After more than six months of development and testing, Index launched a new “User Option Panel” this week that lets its customers better control their image searches.

“You have the power!”
Registered users of Index’s Website, now see an icon at the top right of their search results page that hasthe user’s name and the word “Options.” After clicking on the options button,a customer can choose to customize any or all of the following:

  • “Search Depth” allows customers to see only images that are “Exact Matches” for the phrase they have entered or to see “All Matches”-any image that matches any part of their search.
  • “Time In Collection” allows a user to see only the “Freshest” images in the Index collection or “All Images.”
  • “Background Color” lets customers frame the images on the site in white, black, grey or any of 8 other colors from red to blue. Customers can change color easily to match their mood or to help visualize how an image will fit the background color of a layout.
  • “Color Adjustment” lets customers adjust the gamma of Index’s images to match the gamma setting of their own monitor.
  • “Site Style” allows MAC users to match Index’s site to the cool style of their Mac, by giving the site a “chrome” look.
  • “Typical Use” let’s a customer decide up front whether or not to see All images, including those usable only for Editorial purposes or only those available for Ad and Marketing purposes.
  • “Caption Display” gives two options – Show Caption or Hide Caption-because some users need captions and others don’t want to have text get in the way of seeing gorgeous images.
  • “Images Per Page” allows viewing lots of images-up to 120 per page-or just a few.

These options can be changed each time a user visits the Website. The site automatically remembers a user’s previous settings, and restores them each time the user visits.

“It’s a new and creative design,” says Lee Abramowitz,’s Product Manager. “We are always listening to the needs of our customers and trying to give thembetter ways to search and enjoy our huge image collection. We treat our customersas individuals. Each gets his or her own AE, and we never use voice mail.This User Option Panel tool should help all of our users, big and small,PC and Mac, Editorial and Advertising, get what they need personally, from our site.”

New York City-based Index Stock Imagery, Inc. is an innovative supplier of digital images to publishing, corporate, and consumer users. Index markets more than 900,000images from a diverse group of 1700 individual artists and corporate collectionsworldwide.

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