HVC Color Composer Pro Demo Now Available

Master Colors, LLC has just announced a new addition to its website, www.master-colors.com. Available immediately on the site is a free downloadable demo version of its award winning, dynamic palette generating software, the HVC Color Composer Pro Version, a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop. Along with the demo version of the software, visitors can now download a practice template and take free online color lessons.

To download the product demo go to: http://www.master-colors.com/downloads/

To download the practice template and take a free color lesson go to: http://www.master-colors.com/downloads/templates/. Learn how the HVC Color Composer allows you to gain mastery over your color compositions.

"This is an absolute must have plug-in for professional artists, photographers, and designers. Finally, the Master Colors HVC Color composer gives every Photoshop user complete power over color in an intuitive and easy way. Just wait until you create a color composition using the Master Colors HVC Color Composer – you won’t believe how easy it is!" says Neil Murphy, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Master Colors, LLC.

A very favorable review of the HVC Color Composer can be found in the May/June premiere edition of Layers Magazine (formerly MacDesign Magazine)

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