Fontlab Ltd. Announces the Release of SigMaker 2

Fontlab Ltd., the leading developer of digital typography tools, announced the release today of Sigmaker 2. This second version of this utility tool for placing signatures into fonts now runs natively on Mac OS X. SigMaker 2 allows users to add their signature (or any other graphic) to a TrueType font in seven quick and easy steps.

New and notable in this version of SigMaker is the ability to add signatures and graphics to two-byte TrueType fonts. This extends the program’s market to the countries of Asia where this is very difficult for consumers to do.

SigMaker 2 lets the consumer place any black and white graphic image (TIF, PICT or EPS format) into a font and select a keystroke for it. The program autotraces the image; lets the user adjust the size and spacing; converts it into a vector-format TrueType glyph; lets the user assign it to a character; and creates a new TrueType font with the image included. The user then has only to type the appropriate character to reproduce the image in text.

As you might expect from the product name this tool is usually used to place signatures into fonts, so that users can sign documents with a single keystroke. However it is useful wherever custom characters are frequently needed in text – particularly in academic applications requiring special kinds of notation or symbols.

SigMaker 2 for Mac OS X retails for US$29.95. A Windows version is under development. All products from Fontlab Ltd. carry a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

About Fontlab Ltd.
Fontlab Ltd. has stayed at the forefront of digital font management by remaining devoted to developing digital typography products. Their full line of products is dedicated to solving the most complex typography issues. These products include: Fontographer ™, AsiaFont Studio ™, BitFonter ™, FontLab ™, ScanFont ™, TypeTool ™, TransType ™, FontFlasher ™, FONmaker ™, and CompoCompiler ™. More information on all Fontlab products can be seen at

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