FontAgent Pro Update Introduces Interface Enhancements, Improved Security and Faster Performance

Insider Software announced today the release of FontAgent Pro 3.0.1, the only native Mac OS X application that provides integrated font management, diagnostics, optimization and repair. The new release builds upon the success of Insider’s industry-leading font management solution by adding a number of enhancements including the following:

  • Improved verification of font integrity prior to activation
  • Refined startup set activation
  • Enhanced integrity of set-locking by eliminating the ability to modify the contents of a locked nested set
  • Improved performance of Font Compare™ view and font display updates resulting from database changes
  • Simplified options for importing fonts
  • Better searching of font comment details
  • Improved handling of fonts with corrupt resources
  • More stringent corruption checking when verifying Postscript fonts containing leading numeric characters in the font name
  • Hyperlinked table of contents in PDF documentation
  • Implements support for Apple’s Bonjour technology providing zero administration, zero configuration serverless font-sharing for workgroup creative collaboration

About FontAgent Pro 3
With the release of FontAgent Pro 3, Insider accomplished two major objectives: it added extensive font management and performance features requested by creative professionals, while providing a suite of essential management tools for administrators and IT managers. Among the new features introduced in version 3 were:

  • Powerful live searching and fast filtering of font metadata. The new search feature examines fonts, weights, italics, families, libraries, foundries and custom comments and instantly displays results as the user enters criteria. Filtering can include activation date, shared date, and file format.
  • User-configurable startup sets that allow users to create and maintain an unlimited number of startup sets.
  • A new Setup Assistant that walks users through installation and setup for the ultimate in customization.
  • A new interface design that allows library and font set creation and activation with drag-and-drop simplicity.
  • Multiple WYSIWYG font views for fast font identification and selection.
  • The ability to protect sets and libraries from accidental deletion with new font and set locking.
  • The ability to create standard environments with lockable startup sets and preferences.
  • Significant increases in auto-activation speed and database performance.
  • Additional user interface improvements that simplify font management and organizational tasks.
  • Automatic persistence of window, tab and column positions from session to session.
  • A new font diagnostic algorithm that improves performance and font-checking, further enhancing the industry’s most reliable font analysis engine and eliminating font problems.
  • Automatic database optimization maintains efficiency and performance over time.

Enthusiastic Response from Users and Administrators
Users have found FontAgent Pro is the only product to solve all their font needs and eliminate font problems. As Chuck Sholdt, Vice President of Weather Central noted, “There aren’t any other font management tools that consistently activate and deactivate fonts with the speed and reliability of FontAgent Pro. I was constantly having application crashes with competing font management products, but FontAgent Pro has made those crashes a thing of the past. The price is right, tech support treats you like a human and the product works as advertised. You can’t ask for much more than that.”

System Requirements
FontAgent Pro 3 requires Mac OS X version 10.2 or later (including Panther), 3 MB of disk space and 10 MB of memory. Insider has been successfully testing FontAgent Pro with Tiger and expects to certify 100% compatibility shortly after the commercial release of Tiger by Apple Computer, Inc.

Pricing and Availability
Release 3.0.1 of FontAgent Pro is free to all registered users of FontAgent Pro 3. For new purchasers, FontAgent Pro 3 has a suggested retail price of $99.95 and the Workgroup Edition with serverless font sharing is priced at $129.95. Users owning licenses of FontAgent Pro 2 and earlier can upgrade to Version 3.0.1 Standard Edition for $49.95 US. Upgrades for workgroup edition licenses are $64.95. CD versions of products are available for $10 more plus shipping and handling.

About Insider Software
Founded in 1994, Insider Software makes products that streamline the creative process.

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