Extensis Awarded Patent for Font Management Technology

Extensis, a division of Celartem, Inc., today announced that it has been awarded a patent for a method that examines font files for corruption. This newly patented technology has been incorporated into Extensis — popular font management products that provide users the tools needed to manage a complete library of fonts.

“This latest patent issued to Extensis further validates our technology vision and innovation,” said Brian Berson, Vice President of Font Solutions for Extensis. “Extensis will continue to address the challenges of digital asset and font management at the workgroup level while delivering powerful and affordable solutions to our customers.”

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted the patent, entitled Method for Examining Font Files for Corruption to Extensis for its unique technology advancements in font management. Extensis cultivates an environment that is committed to breakthrough technology and currently owns several patents and has additional patent applications pending in the United States.

About Suitcase and Font Reserve
Suitcase and Font Reserve are the leading professional-level font management solutions for Macintosh OS X and Windows. These products are an integral part of the creative professional workflow and are must-have applications for serious font users. For additional information on Extensis font management products, visit: www.extensis.com/suitcase and www.extensis.com/fontreserve.
About Extensis, Inc.
Extensis, a division of Celartem, Inc., is the world’s leading provider of software solutions that empower digital asset creators and users. Extensis’ award-winning products are used by hundreds of Fortune 5000 companies and include Suitcase and Font Reserve for font management, Portfolio for asset management, and plug-in enhancements for Photoshop and QuarkXPress. Extensis was founded in 1993 and is based in Portland, Oregon, and the United Kingdom. Extensis is a division of Celartem, Inc., which is wholly owned by Celartem Technology Inc., (Hercules: 4330). For additional information, visit www.extensis.com or call 1-800-796-9798.

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