Eovia Announces Immediate Availability of Hexagon

Eovia, developer and publisher of leading 3D animation, modeling and rendering solutions, announced today the immediate availability of an innovative 3D modeling software named Hexagon.

Eovia Hexagon, an all-new 3D polygonal modeler for artists and illustrators, is dedicated to the creation of 3D models and realistic or imaginary characters, and the realization of technical objects. Its multitude of state-of-the-art 3D modeling methods offers a free choice between many working techniques such as free polygonal modeling, subdivision surfaces, constructions and handling of surfaces and volumes. As an open and approachable tool, Hexagon software is accessible for both beginners as well as seasoned professionals. An evolutionary interface accompanies the user from first steps through more sophisticated numerical art creations.

Model Your Way
Integrated in a clear and enjoyable interface, Hexagon software’s professional and ergonomic tools allow artists to work quickly and effectively. Particularly well-equipped for organic modeling, Hexagon proposes a fast direct polygonal construction and surface subdivision tools, as well as all advanced 3D surface creation tools, like generalized extrusions, hulls, and envelopes. It also offers all extended 3D features including; thicknesses, filleting, cuttings and 3D Booleans. Hexagon furthermore embodies Dynamic Geometry™ technology (editable construction tree), numeric parameter settings of all actions at will, and a texture mapping module.

Hexagon, Member of the Carrara Family
Hexagon was conceived and developed to complement other 3D applications such as its dream partner Carrara™, Eovia’s complete 3D solution. Models created in Hexagon can be easily exported, including shading domains, for use in Carrara or the many other products supporting OBJ, 3DS or DXF. The models can then be rendered and animated for fabulous images and 3D animations.

Pricing and Availability
Hexagon is available today for both Macintosh OS X and Windows via the Eovia webstore as an electronic download (ESD) with an introductory price of $169 USD until May 31, 2005. Registered owners of Eovia Carrara and/or Amapi software are eligible for the special price of $99 USD until May 31, 2005. After this date, MSRP will be $249 and $169 USD, respectively. Boxed versions of Hexagon will be available June 1, 2005 via authorized Eovia resellers, retailers such as Fry’s Electronics and Apple stores, and via the Eovia webstore.

More information about Hexagon software can be found on the Eovia website at: www.eovia.com/products/hexagon/hexagon.asp

About Eovia Europe – www.eovia.com
Eovia Europe is dedicated to providing unique solutions for creative professionals as well as those just starting their journey into 3D. The company’s award-winning 3D modeling, animation, and rendering tools offer superior versatility, affordability and unmatched ease-of-use. Eovia was founded in November 2000, with offices in both the US and Europe.

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