Electric Rain Releases Swift 3D 4.5 for 3D Export to Flash and Video

Today Electric Rain, Inc.® announced the release of Swift 3D® version 4.5, a standalone application allowing designers to build and export vector and raster-based 3 D animations for Macromedia Flash, as well as FLV (Flash Video), QuickTime, AVI and other popular formats.

Long known for its approachable interface, high-quality vector output and tight workflow integration with Macromedia Flash, Swift 3D can now be utilized in conjunction with popular video editing tools such as Adobe® After Effects® or Apple® Final Cut Pro® to add 3D elements, titling, and motion graphic effects to video projects.

“Swift 3D 4.5 marks an exciting release for us,” said Mike Soucie, President of Electric Rain. “With the introduction of video export, Swift 3 D is positioned to deliver its incredible ease-of-use and affordability to new markets beyond Flash by fulfilling the needs of the broader graphic design industry, from small-scale design shops to full-service advertising agencies.”

In addition to providing vector and raster style video export, Swift 3D 4.5 introduces a host of vector rendering enhancements including pen-style outlines for improved cartoon rendering, adjustable shadow density and color, realistic transparency, render speeds up to 50 times faster, control over outlines at intersections, support for Level 3 EPS and enhanced SVG output.

“Every release of Swift 3D continues to amaze us with new technological advances” said Eric Bort, Creative Director of Living Children design firm. “Electric Rain’s ability to listen to their users’ suggestions has helped make version 4.5 the best upgrade yet in terms of output and flexibility. Swift 3D allows us to rapidly create custom 3D graphics for web and now video, with faster rendering and tons of control over styling. The people at Electric Rain know their audience well and understand exactly what it takes to produce exceptional web-ready 3D.”

Swift 3 D V4.5 is available immediately on the Windows and Macintosh OS X platforms. The SRP for Swift 3 D V4.5 is $229.00 US D for the download and boxed C D version. Upgrades from Swift 3 D version 4.0 are $79.00, and upgrades from Swift 3D versions 2.0, 3.0, and Swift 3D Xpress are $129.00. Swift 3 D V4.5 is currently available from the Electric Rain website at http://www.erain.com .

About Electric Rain, Inc.
Electric Rain is a software company with a vision of bringing easy-to-use 3D and multimedia tools to designers and developers. Through the release of their Swift 3D product line and the company’s proprietary RAViX rendering technology, Electric Rain has quickly become the industry-leading developer of 3D-to-vector solutions. More information about Electric Rain, its products and technologies is available at http://www.erain.com or by calling 1-888-613-1500.

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