Download $500 of Free Stock Photos Now from the New Turbo Photo Newsletter

Graphic Designers will be generously rewarded with Turbo Photo’s new ‘Free Stock Photos’ newsletter. New subscribers are warmly welcomed with instant download access to 50 hi-res royalty-free stock photos- free for the taking. Designers may subscribe by visiting the Turbo Photo website ( ), then clicking on the ‘Free Photos’ button.

After the initial 50 free photos, subscribers will continue to be rewarded each week with subsequent newsletters, which contain links to more free stock photos, photo CD specials, and occasional Photoshop tricks. A designer who accumulates all the newsletters could attain thousands of dollars of free stock photos.

Resolution of the free JPEG photo files range from 2560×1920 (14MB) to 3264×2448 (23MB)- ideal for small to medium size marketing materials. Designers are free to use these royalty-free images for virtually any printed project, while agreeing to the simple Terms of Use listed on the download page.

For more information, please contact Turbo Photo ( ).

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