Digimarc Enhances Tracking and Monitoring of Images on the Internet

Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRCE) today announced the launch of Digimarc ImageBridge 2005. This new product release introduces advanced image identification and search capabilities delivering Digimarc enterprise customers dramatic improvements in image tracking on the Internet.

“As the world’s preeminent visual solutions provider, Corbis relies on Digimarc to defend our photographers’ copyrights against infringement,” said David Weiskopf, Corporate Counsel at Corbis. “We are excited about the enhanced image tracking capabilities offered in ImageBridge 2005. Digimarc continues to help Corbis lead the industry down the path of protection.”

Stock photo, entertainment and consumer brand companies publish and distribute valuable digital images extensively in their online marketing and sales efforts. ImageBridge 2005 provides new search services to track these image assets on the Web, enhancing enterprise security and compliance programs.

The improved image tracking capabilities of ImageBridge 2005 include:

  • Better image identification. ImageBridge 2005 identifies more instances of an enterprise’s imagery on the Internet – even those that were altered (cropped, compressed, resized, etc) within or outside the approved workflow.
  • Faster, more powerful searching. ImageBridge 2005 is built on an enhanced Web crawler platform, tuned to more quickly and effectively find image assets on the Web.
  • Find legacy images. ImageBridge 2005 finds images already in distribution on the Web, as well as images created outside the standard image asset workflow.

“Our customers rely on ImageBridge to track authorized and unauthorized use of valuable content for brand protection, marketing programs and license compliance,” said Andy Mallinger, Digimarc’s director of product marketing, digital imaging solutions. “Now, with more advanced image identification and searching we can find more images in more places in less time.”

ImageBridge 2005 will enable users to dramatically reduce the time and effort necessary to monitor usage of their image assets on the Web. ImageBridge searches specific priority Internet sites for time-sensitive feedback and conducts a broader Internet search for global coverage. ImageBridge helps customers respond to unauthorized use of their brands, logos, and images quickly and more effectively.

As part of the ImageBridge 2005 launch, Digimarc also announced a partnership with PicScout Ltd, based in Herzelia, Israel. PicScout will provide new Internet search and identification capabilities for ImageBridge. “We are very pleased to be partnering with Digimarc and to help strengthen the ability to protect and track visual assets for ImageBridge customers,” said PicScout CEO Eyal Gura.

Digimarc ImageBridge 2005 packages are available to accommodate a variety of enterprise operating environments and workflows. ImageBridge 2005 will be available May 9, 2005. For more information on ImageBridge, please visit www.digimarc.com/watermark/imagebridge.

About Digimarc
Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRCE), based in Beaverton, Oregon, is a leading supplier of secure media solutions used in a wide range of security, identification and digital media content applications.

Digimarc provides products and services that enable the production of more than 60 million personal identification documents, including two-thirds of U.S. driver licenses and IDs for more than 20 countries. Digimarc’s digital watermarking technology provides a persistent digital identity for various media content and is used to enhance the security of financial documents, identity documents and digital images, and support other media rights management applications.

Digimarc has an extensive intellectual property portfolio, with 189 issued U.S. patents with more than 4,000 claims, and more than 400 pending patent applications in digital watermarking, personal identification and related technologies.

The Company is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, with offices in Burlington, Massachusetts; Fort Wayne, Indiana; the Washington DC area; and London. Please go to www.digimarc.com for more Company information.

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