Custom Text with Vectors

The most recent versions of Photoshop have some very powerful vector features. Let’s see how we can use vectors to customize some text.

I’ll start with a big and simple font, Myriad Bold, to easily illustrate the steps.


To start, we’ll go under [Layer > Type > Convert to Shape] to convert your text layer to a vector shape. The two tools we’re going to use are the Path Selection Tools and the Pen Tools. You’re also going to get real friendly with your Modifier keys [Alt, Shift, Ctrl].



Now I’m going to use the Direct Selection Tool (white arrow) and select the two end-dots on the “F”. Once they are select, I can use my keyboard keys to move the dots.


Right away, you can see how adjusting the end points on each letter adjusts the shape of the letter. I’ll alter the first “U” with the same technique. If I hold the [Alt] key, my Direct Selection Tool turns into the Path Selection Tool temporarily. With that tool, I can select the entire “F” and move it.


I hold [Shift + Alt] and click on both the “F” and the “U” to move both letters closer to the “T”. I’ll use the same techniques from before to alter the other “U” and shift the other letters. I end up with something like this:


Now I want to reshape the “R” and the “E” to be a little more custom than the other letters. Select the Pen Tool. When I mouseover existing points, the Pen Tool shows a little “-” sign, and when I click on that point, it will remove it from the path. So I removed the two middle dots in the bottom of the “R”.


I can now hold the [Alt] key to shift to the Convert Point Tool and click on the dots to remove the curve angles. I now have a straight leg on the “R”. I’m going to select the bottom two dots and drag them way out, overlapping the “E”.

With the Pen Tool still selected, I can mouseover the path of the “E” and click to add points to the path. You’ll see a “+” on the Pen Tool cursors when you’re over the path. I’ll remove the corner end point of the “E” to create another angle. Adjust it slightly, and now I have my custom text.


You can also now use your text just as any other work path. Export it to Illustrator, resize it, etc. Great method for creating custom logos and such.

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