Custom Borders and Edges

Creating custom borders and edges in Photoshop is really easy. This tutorial shows how really easy it is, even when making custom borders. There’s a few ways to create borders and edges for your images in Photoshop. First, I’m going to show you the REAL easy way, then I’m going to show you the easy way to make custom borders and edges. On to the real easy way.

First, I downloaded a nice black and white border from Here’s a direct link to my search results . I also downloaded one of their people images from the Boy & Girl Friends volume. Open both files at the same time. I sized mine so they would match.

Let’s start with the image of the couple. Press [Ctrl + J] to duplicate the Layer, then fill the Background Layer with black. (Press [d] for default colors, then [Alt + Backspace] to fill with black.)


Now we can take our border image and drag it onto our people image. Re-order the layers so that the border layer is below the people layer.


Now set the Layer Mode of the people layer to Multiply.


Enjoy the results!


Now, on to making a custom border. This is easy too. All you have to do is create a black-color layer below your people layer (still set to Multiply) and paint it white.


Any area that is white, your top layer will show through. It allows to make some pretty cool border/edge effects.

Don’t like the black background? Press [Ctrl + I] to inverse your black layer. Now set the Layer Mode of your people layer to Screen.


Pretty easy, huh? See? I told you so.

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