Creative Manager Pro Announces Version 8.2

Creative Manager Pro, Ad Agency Software and Project Management Groupware for Creative and Design firms, has announced an improvement to Billing Worksheets which cuts costs and dramatically improves Ad Agency profitability.

Lakewood NJ-based Creative Manager, Inc., ( provider of Creative Manager Pro and Creative Project Manager, has announced the upcoming release of version 8.2 of its flagship product, with improvements based on the advice of Ad Agency consultant Tony Mikes of Second Wind Network.

Ad Agency expert Tony Mikes of Second Wind Network, is noted as saying that the turnaround time of Billing Worksheets is one the top three issues that affect the financial success of an ad agency. Faster and easier billing means less invoicing disputes, lower cost of billing, and dramatic improvements to cash flow. For the financial success of any company, Cash Is King!

As a result, Creative Manager Pro has announced a redesign of Billing Worksheets which will electronically route themselves to Account Executives for online review and commenting. Account Execs will be able to electronically mark up these forms and quickly re-route them back to accounting for final review and billing. And since the process is entirely online, Account Execs can make their comments from any location (even while on the road). AE’s can print billing worksheets to a PDF file or paper on demand when needed. Accounting no longer has to retype the comments made by AE’s and will have an electronic backup to why items were billed, written off, etc. creating even more efficiency.

No installation or conversion will be necessary, and the update is free to all users of Creative Manager Pro and Creative Project Manager. All client logins and vendor logins are always free.

Printing, routing, and marking up manual billing worksheets has been an arduous task that Ad Agencies have gone through for decades. The large reams of paper dropped on the Account Execs desk at billing time are daunting and Account Execs cringe at the very thought of having to wade through these volumes and drag them back to accounting – often just in time to receive a new boatload of worksheets for the next round of billing.

Ron Ause, Director of Marketing for Creative Manager, Inc., said "It amazes us how long the Account Executives waited in the dark ages for software to actually make their lives easier. When our Ad Agency clients tell us how important issues like this are to them, we jump to get it done. We’re Always Listening!"

Creative Manager Pro continues to invest, adding new features which work with Apple’s latest Tiger Mac OS X Unix-based Operating System and Microsoft Windows. This is but the latest in a series of monthly upgrades.

The electronic billing worksheet is only one of many revolutionary billing enhancements included in this release. The entire billing process has been streamlined – creating efficiencies at every step of the way. Many billing methods such as time and materials, retainer, and progress billing to estimate have been streamlined to the point where they can almost be generated automatically. Billing rules can now be set up by client and project, eliminating human error and tedious review of the contract and custom billing arrangements at the time of billing.

When asked about the new upgrade, Ause said "Other Ad Agency management systems have an annual meeting where they invite their clients to vote on new features, where everyone gets one vote. Then they work on these features for a full year and roll out about sixty new features. By contrast, we release an average of sixty enhancements EACH MONTH. All based on user input. Now you know that We’re Always Listening!"

Ause added, "Other ad agency management systems are busy playing catch-up to follow the eleven-year lead that Creative Manager Pro has in web technology. In the meantime, Creative Manager Pro continues to raise the bar by revolutionizing the way key business processes are accomplished. Leveraging technology to achieve efficiency and to make life easier."

Creative Manager Pro goes beyond costing to offer full Project Management, CRM, Digital Asset Management, billing and accounting, and Extranet capabilities.

Creative Manager Pro (at, is the only Ad Agency software and Project Management Software for the Creative Design industry, created exclusively for design firms, ad agencies, in-house creative/MarCom departments, and creative service firms. It is a web-based integrated project management software and job tracking solution which streamlines the entire firm, from developing new business, to staffing, managing, and executing projects through to accounting and financial reporting.

Creative Manager Pro is a full-featured, intuitive system which makes project and ad agency management a breeze. Creative Manager Pro supports Customer Relationship Management, Document Management, Shared Calendaring, Accounting and much more. Because it is web-based, there is nothing to install and it can be set up in a very short time. It works with both PC and Macintosh from any location over any connection. It may also be installed locally on the client’s own servers. All options include training and support to ensure that clients are up and running quickly.

Among the many features of Creative Manager Pro:

* Graphically view your firm’s metrics – manage your firm by the numbers.
* Manage Contacts and Leads
* Create Project Schedules, Calendars and Manage Tasks
* Take your contacts and calendar on the road with iCal, AddressBook & Outlook
* Approve Timesheets, Purchasing, Billing and Budgets
* Review and Approve Artwork Online
* Store and Manage Digital Assets
* Manage and Balance the Books
* Free client and vendor access to streamline workflow.
* Quick startup/import from Clients & Profits, Adman and other systems
* Full-featured CRM (Client Relationship Management)
* Extranet capabilities
* Manage media with an interface with Strata
* Charting of important industry metrics and firm statistics

Take a test drive at

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