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Creative Suite Replacement Icons

The issue of Adobe’s CS icons is nothing new, but here is another alternative.

Optimizing Photoshop CS4 for Peak Performance

Slides from Rick Miller’s presentation for the ATX User Group in SoCal. [via Rick Miller]

Exploded DSLR

Not that kind of exploded, the Popular Mechanics kind of exploded.

Rap Chop with Vince

Watch this, you’re gonna love my…

iPhone Photography by Chase Jarvis

Why do all of my iPhone photos

The Yellow Line on the Field

I have always wondered how they did the yellow line at NFL games.

Adobe UI Gripes

I agree on most all of these . It’s especially frustrating on a Mac.

Another Cheap DIY Flash Diffuser

Jason W on Flickr explains his $0.05 flash diffuser .

Gap + Pantone Store

Gap and Pantone join forces in Pantone Pop-up Store. Get your Pantone coded shirts while they last.

BumpTop Desktop

More like a real desktop. Makes OS X look boring and bland and Windows look archaic.

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