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Quick Zoom In

Holding Ctrl + spacebar brings up the zoom in tool.

Quick Zoom Out

Holding Ctrl + Alt + spacebar brings up the zoom out tool.

Selection Altering

In any of the selection tools, holding the Shift key will change your tool so that it adds to the current selection. Holding the Alt key removes from the selection.

Quick Color Select

Holding the Alt key while using any of the painting tools will temporarily change to the Eye Dropper tool.

CS Too Slim?

Adobe seemed to remove a few things from their CS version. Check your Goodies folder on your install CD to see what might be there, just not installed.

Hide Your Workspace

Press the Tab key to hide your Toolbar and other Palettes. Press Shift + Tab to only hide your palettes.

Combine All Your Layers Onto One New Layer

After all your hard work on all of your layers, don’t Flatten the image. Create a New Layer, hold Ctrl + Alt + Shift, and choose Merge Visible from the Layers Palette menu.

Easy Opacity Slider

To adjust your layer opacity easier, just click on the word Opacity in the Layers palette, and drag left or right.

CS2 Clipping Mask Change

CS2 changed the Create Clipping Mask shortcut. It is now Ctrl + Alt + G.

Instant Fonts

Photoshop CS2 updates right away when you add a font to your system font folder. No more having to restart Photoshop to use your new fonts!

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