Quickly Copy Layer Masks

You can quickly copy Layer Mask between Layers just by holding [Alt + Ctrl] and dragging the mask between the Layers in the Layers Palette [F7]. Continue Reading »

Get Your Pantone Colors Quickly

To get the (closest) matching Pantone value for any color you’ve selected in the Color Picker, just press the “Color Libraries” button. Continue Reading »

Redo That Filter

Press Ctrl + F to redo the last filter you ran. Press Ctrl + Alt + F to bring up the dialog box of the last filter you ran.

Quick Hand

Holding the spacebar will bring up the Hand Tool no matter what tool you currently have selected.

Brush Tips

Use the [ and ] keys to adjust the size of your brushes. Hold [Shift] and press the keys to adjust the edge hardness of the brush.

Caution with ImageReady

Be careful when switching a file from Photoshop CS to ImageReady CS… if you close ImageReady, your file isn’t in Photoshop anymore.

Clean Your Monitor

If it’s dirty and gross, clean it. Nothing more annoying than trying to remove a spot on an image thats actually one of your boogers. Eww.

Cloned Windows

Instead of zooming in, editing, then zooming out to see your result, duplicate your window. Go under Winow > Arrange > New Window. This clones your window, so you can work in one window zoomed in, but leave the other at 100% to immediately see the results.

Don't Use Scan Lines

Seriously. Unless you’re creating a tv, don’t use scan lines. They’re not cool anymore, and they’re just kind of irritating.

Layer Select

You can Right-button/Control click on your document to open a pop-up menu that lists the Layers under your cursor.

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