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Ads by Yahoo!

You may have noticed that there’s a few “Ads by Yahoo!” popping up on the site. I signed up for the Yahoo! Publisher beta program to see how it performs. Continue Reading »

Adobe Lightroom Beta 3 Available

Adobe® released the Lightroom™ Beta 3 download for public download. I wonder how many Beta versions they’re going to release before a final version. Continue Reading »

Making Cache

In an effort to avoid any downtime if I happen to get another HUGE traffic spike, I’m working on my caching system for the website. Continue Reading »

Why Web 2.0?

I’ve noticed all of the e-commotion that my Web 2.0 Design Kit tutorials have created. I must say, the amount of angry and bitter comments I’ve received (mostly from seem to be a little unwarranted. Continue Reading »

If I lived in the city…

I would get a Car Loft. Continue Reading »

Get Your Photoshop CS2 Update (9.0.1)

Adobe has finally released an update for Photoshop CS2 updating the version to 9.0.1. Continue Reading »

Version 4

Well, here it is. After thinking about a new design and new construction for this website for… oh… about a year, I finally did it. Continue Reading »

Free Ad Space

With the launch of the new site I have new spot for an ad on the homepage. Continue Reading »

Another Update on the Staleness

Or another stale update? Continue Reading »

Funny, Funny Stuff They do stuff. Continue Reading »

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