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Moving to Media Temple

Media Temple‘s slick new Grid Server (gs) service is just too tempting. Continue Reading »

Platform Switching is Quite a Venture

First, I must apologize for the lack of tutorial updates recently. I have been sneaking in news updates as here and there Continue Reading »

Adobe Thinks We're

Adobe has been really stocking up on their bookmarks and they’ve been kind enough to bookmark Photoshop Lab. Continue Reading »

Digital Camera Recommendations?

With my birthday coming up and my growing frustration with my point-and-shoot PowerShot S400 I’m in the market for a new digital camera. Continue Reading »

Might As Well Face It, I'm Addicted to Mint

As a webmaster, if you have never used Mint, you’re definitely missing out. I’m so addicted, I’d probably try to sell it to you as you and your friends walk out of a club. Continue Reading »


Wanting to add more information to the site without mucking up the design, I decided to apply the extended/web 2.0 (gasp!) method to extend the footers. Continue Reading »

Adobe Releases Lightroom Beta for Windows (finally)

Adobe’s solution for photographers, and answer to Apple Aperture, was released today through their Beta program for Windows. Continue Reading »

My Love/Hate with Dreamhost

I used to sing praises about my hosting company, Dreamhost, but recently I’m not sure if I could even whisper a praise. Continue Reading »

Cache Success

After learning from my first experience with “The Digg Effect” I setup a caching system Continue Reading »

Testing Trackbacks

Since I’m using WordPress as a backend/CMS for this website, I’ve been slowly (re-)integrating some of the standard WordPress functions back into the custom front-end of the website. Continue Reading »

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