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Adobe Updates Bridge 2.0 to 2.1 (for CS3)

Adobe has updated its newest version of Bridge to version 2.1 for CS3 users. Continue Reading »

Adobe Announces Photoshop Camera Raw 4.1 and DNG Converter Updates

Adobe Systems Incorporated has an update to the free Photoshop® Camera Raw plug-in now available for immediate download on Continue Reading »

Optimize Performance of Photoshop CS3 on XP and Vista

Adobe has released a TechNote document explaining ways you can make Photoshop CS3 perform faster on your Windows machine. Continue Reading »

Iconfactory Releases IconBuilder 8.5 for Adobe CS3

Those creative folks over at Iconfactory have announced IconBuilder 8.5 for OS X. Continue Reading »

Beware, Exploit Code for Photoshop CS2 and Photoshop CS3

A serious security flaw in Photoshop may allow malicious people to take control of your (Windows) machine. Continue Reading »

The Creative Suite 3 Font List

Adobe has a page detailing which fonts you get when you buy CS3 stuff. Continue Reading »

Get Some Different (Better?) Adobe CS3 Icons

A couple of crafty designers have provided their own replacement icon sets to get you away from those new, bland, indistinguishable Adobe CS3 Icons. Continue Reading »

CS3 Developers Online Update – Customize and Plug-in-ize

For Developers who really want to, um, develop for Adobe, attend the online Developer Update May 3. Continue Reading »

Adobe CS3Clean Scripts – for CS3 Beta Installs

For those of you who installed Beta and Pre-release versions of the CS3 products Continue Reading »

Adobe Design Center CS3 Workshop Videos

Adobe has setup a nice Video Workshop for their new CS3 product suite. You can check it out here: Continue Reading »

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