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Quick Color Select

Holding the Alt key while using any of the painting tools will temporarily change to the Eye Dropper tool.

Selection Altering

In any of the selection tools, holding the Shift key will change your tool so that it adds to the current selection. Holding the Alt key removes from the selection.

Quick Zoom Out

Holding Ctrl + Alt + spacebar brings up the zoom out tool.

Quick Zoom In

Holding Ctrl + spacebar brings up the zoom in tool.

Universal Text Change

Link your Text layers together in the Layers Palette. Hold Shift as you make changes to one of the Layers. (Font, color, size, etc…) The changes can be seen in all linked Layers.

Try The Alt/Option Key

Try pressing the Alt/Option key in any dialog box you have open. Watch the buttons, most of the time they will change. (OK changes to Reset, etc.)

Transform Bounding Box

If you’re trying to transform a layer that is larger than your canvas, you lose your bounding box edges. Press Ctrl/Command – 0 and Photoshop automatically zooms so you can see the bounding box edges.

Sub-Tool Select

Usually pressing [Shift] + the shortcut key for whatever tool you want, will cycle through the sub-tools for that tool.

Stop Using Lens Flare

Seriously. Don’t use it ever.

Quick Open

Double-click on the background in Photoshop to bring up the Open dialog box. Doesn’t work on Mac.

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