Another Update on the Staleness

Or another stale update?The same excuses still apply from before, except we just finished moving this weekend. Now, it’s not the same move from before, but I’m now in my permanent location (for the next 4-5years minimum?).

This makes it a lot easier to get my life and work more organized. I’ve been learning a lot at my new job, a lot of DOM Javascript-ing and I think I’m going to take on Ruby on Rails which Dreamhost so thoughtfully provides to all shared-servers.

I’m still debating to go with a pre-built CMS, like WordPress, or stick my custom built CMS on PhotoshopLAB version 4. The custom CMS is currently being used at the Photoshop World Convention and Expo Website. I’m pretty happy with it, even though it’s still kind of buggy. But I don’t really plan on marketing it to the public.

Brian Buell is back in contact, which means I hope you readers get some more of his fantastic tutorials. There was a pretty positive response with his first tutorial. And I think he’s a groovy writer.

I’m still taking “applications” for writers. FYI.

That’s enough rambling for now.

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