Alwaysstock Offers Business Strategies Series for Graphic Designers

alwaysstock®, LLC, a royalty-free stock photography and illustration company founded by two seasoned advertising professionals, is now offering a series of strategic business tips for graphic designers through its Web site, Distributed via e-mail, registered users will receive tips that provide practical business advice on how to succeed as an independent designer, and deliver industry-specific insight for designers who currently are, or are considering, going out on their own. Each installment will focus on a specific area in which designers can grow and strengthen their businesses and marketing techniques in an increasingly competitive market.

According to an annual salary survey published by a leading graphic design magazine, 15% percent of respondents categorized themselves as full-time freelancers, independent designers or solo practitioners. "As design and marketing professionals, we understand the daunting business challenges that designers face when venturing out on their own," says Stephen van Schouwen, veteran designer and partner, alwaysstock. "Overall, the design industry has seen a good deal of displacement, and many designers have either chosen or been forced to work independently." van Schouwen also notes that being a successful business owner requires some very different skills that don’t always come instinctively to the creative designer. "One of our goals is to share our expertise and to become a broader resource for the design community," adds van Schouwen.

alwaysstock is currently home to over four dozen photographers from around the world, with growing collections in lifestyles, business, sports (including extreme sports), concepts, kids, seniors, and much more. As part of an aggressive growth plan, alwaysstock staff adds new images daily, and the company closely tracks search terms and trends to augment content that is in demand. alwaysstock is continually expanding its image offerings for marketing and editorial design. It is also actively soliciting photographers and illustrators who would like to market images through this online venue. The company can be reached at (413) 567-2105 ext. 107, or by visiting

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