Adobe Labs Releases Fireworks CS4 Beta and Dreamweaver CS4 Beta

Dreamweaver CS4 Beta Fireworks CS4 BetaThe latest in the series of Beta releases from Adobe comes in the form of Dreamweaver and Firewords (and Soundbooth). Since I’m a web developer by trade, some exciting news tidbits come from the Dreamweaver camp. Some noteable new features are integration with Photoshop Smart Objects and Subversion integration. I’ve always used Dreamweaver as my code editor because of the integration of the site manager, but I’ve always missed out on Subversion… well, not anymore. In Fireworks world, the new features include PDF export, Adobe type engine integration and Adobe AIR Authoring.

It seems that both versions are benefiting from an updated user interface that appears to be a preview to the new look of the upcoming CS4 release. (You can see “cs4″ in the download links).

Go snag the beta downloads here:
Dreamweaver CS4 Beta
Fireworks CS4 Beta

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