Web 2.0 Design Kit

Web 2.0 Design Kit

Web 2.0 is a term coined by O’Reilly describing the new trends in design and development appearing across a flood of innovative websites. This tutorial will show you how to create some of the more popular “Web 2.0″ design effects using Photoshop. Continue Reading »

If I lived in the city…

I would get a Car Loft. Continue Reading »

Redo That Filter

Press Ctrl + F to redo the last filter you ran. Press Ctrl + Alt + F to bring up the dialog box of the last filter you ran.

Get Your Photoshop CS2 Update (9.0.1)

Adobe has finally released an update for Photoshop CS2 updating the version to 9.0.1. Continue Reading »

Version 4

Well, here it is. After thinking about a new design and new construction for this website for… oh… about a year, I finally did it. Continue Reading »

Free Ad Space

With the launch of the new site I have new spot for an ad on the homepage. Continue Reading »

Instant Fonts

Photoshop CS2 updates right away when you add a font to your system font folder. No more having to restart Photoshop to use your new fonts!

CS2 Clipping Mask Change

CS2 changed the Create Clipping Mask shortcut. It is now Ctrl + Alt + G.

Easy Opacity Slider

To adjust your layer opacity easier, just click on the word Opacity in the Layers palette, and drag left or right.

Combine All Your Layers Onto One New Layer

After all your hard work on all of your layers, don’t Flatten the image. Create a New Layer, hold Ctrl + Alt + Shift, and choose Merge Visible from the Layers Palette menu.

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